We hold a fantastic relationship with our customers. But don't listen to us, hear it from them.

"Really pleased with the service provided by InstaGuard Security! I was putting up a market stall for a few days and needed a reliable alarm system that could be installed quickly and then uninstalled when I was closing up. I arranged beforehand the dates I would need a system and InstaGuard certainly delivered. I would highly recommend to anyone needing a temporary security system." - Arran, Worthing

"We were building a new office block but while it was still a building site it was continuously being vandalised which was massively slowing down our progress. We asked the very friendly team at InstaGuard if they could help us out by possibly installing a temporary CCTV system that would prevent the vandalsfrom returning. They arrived on site the same day and had the the system installed and fully functional within 2 hours. The vandals have not returned since." - Site Manager, Milan Builders, Brighton

"We went off on holiday and were worried about our house not being safe so we asked InstaGuard to install a temporary CCTV system so we could keep an eye on our house from the Maldives. It was very effective and we really felt our house was in safe hands. What is even better was that they removed the camera the same day we got back so we didn't pay for anything when we didn't have to." - Mrs Sheppard, Worthing

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